NatureWall No.223

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Very easy to install!

Installed with standard wallpaper tools and to be applied with regular heavy duty glue on the wall.

It will be delivered in sheets between 80 cm and 112 cm depending on the total width of your wall. This makes much fewer seams than regular wallpaper and faster installation.
E.g If your wall is 500 cm long and 300 cm high you will receive 5 sheets of 100 cm wide and 300 cm high.

The Nature collection is produced on a high-quality vinyl wallpaper (approx. 350 g/m2)
PVC coated with a non-woven Fire Retardancy according to B-s1,d0 and ASTM E81-10
It has a slight sandy surface and is very matt with barely no reflection.

We can also add your company logo, any graphics or text. We can even add a color cast or make it lighter or darker. This is a custom made product and we will do everything we can to make it as you wish. Please contact us for more information or samples.

The wallpaper is washable and UV-resistant and with good scratch resistance.

Maximum height is 500 cm. (16') Other heights on request.