Om tapetene

The ConcreteWall collections are made on a high-quality non-woven vinyl wallpaper (approx. 350g/m2).

We always make our wallpapers based on the size of your wall(s). Because there is NO repeat! Ever! We just need to know the measurements.

It is very matt with barely no reflection, and has a nice rough/sandy texture to it. It is UV-resistant and has a very good scratch resistance. Washable with a soft cloth.

It normally comes in widths between 80-112cm. Depending on the total width of your wall. (If your wall is 500 cm wide and 300 cm in height you will receive 5 lengths of 100 cm wide x 300 in height)

Maximum width is 112 cm and lengths can be up to 25m!

We are a small and very flexible company so we can make every wallpaper lighter or darker. We can also add a colour cast to it. We can add text or logos. All this to make your own unique ConcreteWall!

It is very easy to install. Glue is applied to the wall. 

Fire rating EU B-s1,d0

Fire rating USA ASTM E 81-10

Lead time in Europe is normally 1-2 weeks and 2-3 weeks for rest of the world. Shipped by trackable DHL door-door service. Please contact Resource Furniture for any North American inquiries.